Pool Workshops


Join Our Monthly Pool Workshops with Club LSD!

As part of our exciting new LSD Club, we are thrilled to offer exclusive monthly pool workshops for our members. These workshops are designed to enhance your diving skills, introduce you to new techniques, and provide a fun and engaging way to connect with fellow divers.

What You Can Expect:

Each month, we’ll dive into a new activity, allowing you to expand your diving knowledge and expertise. Here’s a glimpse of what we have planned:

Rescue Techniques

  • Learn essential rescue skills to ensure the safety of yourself and others in the water. This workshop covers vital techniques that every diver should know.

Full Face Mask Trial

  • Experience the benefits of using a full face mask. This session provides a hands-on trial where you can learn the features and advantages of this equipment.

Night Diving

  • Test your underwater lights and practice diving in low-light conditions. This workshop will prepare you for the unique challenges and thrills of night diving.

Buoyancy Control

  • Master your buoyancy with targeted exercises and expert guidance. This session will help you achieve perfect control and improve your overall diving experience.

Workshop Details:

  • Frequency: Once a month
  • Location: Our onsite pool facilities
  • Duration: 2 hours per session
  • Time: Varies each month (check our monthly newsletter for specific dates and times)

Benefits of Joining Our Workshops:

  • Skill Enhancement: Improve your diving skills with expert-led sessions.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy member-only workshops and events.
  • Community Building: Connect with like-minded diving enthusiasts.
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience in a controlled environment.

How to Join:

  1. Become a Member: If you’re not already a member, join Club LSD to gain access to these exclusive workshops.
  2. Check the Schedule: Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter and website for upcoming workshop details.
  3. Register: Sign up for the workshops you’re interested in via our online booking system.