Want to go diving but don’t have a buddy?

Problem solved! LSD is now offering Guided Diving at both Wraysbury Lake and Vobster Quay, a fantastic way to practice your skills and explore new underwater attractions.

What You Can Expect:

Our guided diving sessions are perfect for both newly certified divers and seasoned pros looking to gain experience in UK waters. Both Wraysbury Lake and Vobster Quay offer a variety of fun attractions to explore, making our guided dives a fantastic way to practice those newly learned skills from your training course or simply enjoy a fun and friendly dive.

Session Details:

  • Locations: Wraysbury Lake (near Heathrow) and Vobster Quay (Sommerset)
  • Includes: 2 dives with a surface interval in-between and full kit hire
  • Entrance Fee: £15 – Wraysbury, £23 – Vobster (paid by diver)
  • Air Fill: First air fill included; second air fill £7 (paid by diver)

Important Information:

  • Transportation: LSD does not provide transport to the dive sites, so you will need to arrange this yourselves.
  • Safety and Health: Upon arrival at the dive centre, you will need to sign a disclaimer stating that you intend to use safe diving practices and a medical form stating that you are in good health to dive. You can view the medical form in advance here.

Benefits of Joining Our Guided Diving Sessions:

  • Buddy System: No buddy? No problem. Dive with our experienced guides.
  • Skill Enhancement: Practice your skills in a real-world environment.
  • Exciting Attractions: Explore a variety of underwater sites and attractions.
  • Community Engagement: Meet and dive with other club members.

How to Join:

  1. Become a Member: If you’re not already a member, join Club LSD to gain access to our guided diving sessions.
  2. Check the Schedule: Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter and website for upcoming workshop details.
  3. Register: Sign up for the dives you’re interested in via our online booking system.