Poole 25 August 2018

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Poole is a great favourite among UK divers and its very easy to see why. Poole bay provides a wonderfully safe anchorage, with sheltered scenic drift dives like, Poole Rocks. This area of fossilised forest, pays host to a diversity of marine life, and offers fabulous photography opportunities at 5-15m depth. Heading West we follow the Jurassic coast, pass Old Harry Rocks, and into Swanage Bay. Here you can enjoy long slow drifts with an abundance of rays and cuttlefish. You might even spot some Sea Horses! Further along the coast, our dive focuses on scallops, lobsters and brown crabs.

The two dives of the day will be featuring shallow wrecks such as the Valentine tanks or the Fleur de Lys which are both around 15m as well as a reef dive and a drift dive.

As the dives involve some drift diving and some foraging for lunch we recommend that they have some experience of UK diving for this trip.

The trip price includes BBQ styled lunch on board and the crew are also happy to cook fresh fish and scallops, that are collected during the day. This trip always has rave reviews.


Trip Details
Days Diving2 dives on 1 day
ScheduleMeet-up at centre at 9:00am
Ropes off at 10:00am
Expected back at harbour at 4:00pm
Kit Requirements
Travel & Accommodation
Transport to and from the dive sites is not provided by LSD. We will do our best to team up people if lift shares are available. Should there be a time when lifts are not available public transport may be the only option. Please be aware that compressed scuba cylinders are not allowed on public transport.
LSD will assist with a hire van to get dive kit to the dives sites. The van hire has been included in the trip price but fuel will be split evenly between all participants on the weekend.

For any questions please call us on 020 8995 0002 or email us on info@londonschoolofdiving.co.uk