Selsey 11 May 2019

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Trip Details

This is the first trip of the year and it's ideal for those new to UK diving to see what its all about or for General Level divers who want to join us to kick off the season.

Far Mulberry
One of the many remains of the Mulberry Harbours which were constructed in this area; you might consider this to be a Wreck site. After more than 60 years under the water this is now a wonderful reef approximately 60ms longs by 17ms wide. The North end is the best preserved and is covered in white and orange dead men's fingers, various anemones and two patches of jewel anemones. As you tour round the reef you can expect to see schools of pouting, pollack, bass, wrasse, poor cod and bid. There is normally a large school of fish at the bottom of the shot waiting to greet you. You can also find conger eels, tompot blennies, gobies, crabs and lobsters in addition to seasonal visitors like the cuttlefish and lumpsuckers. Only 2.5 miles from East Beach with an average depth 10m. As the Mulberry is made of reinforced concrete which is decaying watch out for sharp spikes.
Nature Trail
Once you have explored the Far Mulberry you can follow the Nature trail out over the sandy bottom (look out for rays, lobsters, cuttlefish, dogfish and various anemones) to a World War II Landing Craft, then onto a Cuckoo (WWII Air/Sea Rescue Float) before returning to the Mulberry. Both the Landing Craft and the Cuckoo are home to a number of tompot blennies, gobies, lobsters and crabs. Occassionally you can find baby cuttlefish.
Selsey Drift
There is no set location for the Selsey Drift Dives - whether the tide is flooding or ebbing will dictate whether we go East or West initially and distance out will be partly dependent on wind direction and visibility; in general, these dives will be a reasonably paced Drift over a flat bottom of gravel / weed. Marine Life seen typically includes Cat-Sharks (aka Dogfish), Starry Smoothhounds, various Rays (Undulate, Blonde, Thornback and sometimes Stingrays or Atlantics), Starfish and Crabs / Lobsters; very occasionally Seahorses are seen.

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of any Selsey Drift Dive.

Trip Details
Days Diving2 Dives over 1 day
ScheduleCheck in at centre: TBA
Ropes off dive 1: TBa planned dive site TBA (probably a drift dive)
Ropes off dive 2: TBA planned dive site Far Mulberry
Kit Requirements
SMB & Reel
Timing Device
Travel & Accommodation
Transport to and from the dive sites is not provided by LSD. We will do our best to team up people if lift shares are available. Should there be a time when lifts are not available public transport may be the only option. Please be aware that compressed scuba cylinders are not allowed on public transport.
LSD will assist with a hire van to get dive kit to the dives sites. The van hire has been included in the trip price but fuel will be split evenly between all participants on the day.

For any questions please call us on 020 8995 0002 or email us on