Portland 6-7 July 2019

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Trips Details

Possible dive sites for this trip are below, but the exact plan will be confirmed closer to the trip.

Durdle Door reef (about 7m shorewards, up to about 14m on the offshore side of the reef) is an underwater reef about 100m offshore and parallel to the beach between the famous rock arch of Durdle Door and Bats Head. A shallow site suitable for beginners and interesting for more experienced divers due to prolific marine life.

Balaclava Bay is formed by the breakwater arm going out to the Hood and the top Eastern side of Portland. The seabed is sand and gently slopes off to about 15 metres. A particularly interesting area is along the breakwater wall. Start at the small beach end and swim slowly, looking in detail. During the summer months the rocks are covered with snakelock anemone's, tunicates, nudibranches and vibrantly coloured kelp and seaweed. The wall is also the roaming ground lots of spider crabs.

As you make your way along the breakwater wall you come to the wreck of the Sand Dredger at about 8 metres. From here there's not A54so much small life, the spider crabs and larger fish are still present.

James Fennel is a small Admirality trawler only 123’ long that went aground on Blacknor Point in March 1920 in thick fog, slid off and sank there. The stern is complete and amidship there is an engine and boiler.

At Pulpit Rock going far out from the area could lead to deeper grounds with depths ranging in excess of 35 metres but sticking to shore, especially in the kelp beds, divers can see plenty of sea life, crabs and lobsters.

Dive Beyond are a great dive centre located in Portland which offer dive trips for divers of all certification levels.
They have two 7.9m ribs of our own plus they can call on other boats as required. And YES, the ribs have ladders so you don’t have to do the less than elegant rib-wriggle to get back on board.

Trip Details
Days Diving4 Dives split over 2 days
ScheduleThe proposed schedule is below but as tide tables are not confirmed yet for next year this is still subject to change.

Check in at centre: 10:00am
Ropes off dive 1: Morning planned dive site Durdle Door
Ropes off dive 2: afternoon planned dive site Balaclava Bay (18-23m)

Check in at centre: 08:30am
Ropes off dive 1: Morning planned dive site James Fennel
Ropes off dive 2: Afternoon planned dive site Pulpit Rock

Kit Requirements
Travel & Accommodation
Transport to and from the dive sites is not provided by LSD. We will do our best to team up people if lift shares are available. Should there be a time when lifts are not available public transport may be the only option. Please be aware that compressed scuba cylinders are not allowed on public transport.
LSD will assist with a hire van to get dive kit to the dives sites. The van hire has been included in the trip price but fuel will be split evenly between all participants on the weekend.One night accommodation (Saturday night) at the Portland Bunkhouse is included in the price. Extra nights are subject to availibility and are £17 per person.The Portland Bunkhouse was converted from an old transmitter station and nowadays offers lovely bunk style accommodation with great views from the top of Portland Bill.
The house has a fully equipped kitchen and BBQ area. There is also a communal room with DVDs and a 42" screen.
There is a private parking area next to the bunkhouse.
Bedding is included in the price.

For any questions please call us on 020 8995 0002 or email us on info@londonschoolofdiving.co.uk