Nemo33 1-2 December 2018

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Trip Details

Nemo33 was for 10 years the deepest pool in the world (until the opening of Y40 in Italy in 2014). It offers a 34.5m deep pool with swim throughs and lovely warm water, so it is perfect for a little dip in winter. Additionally, it is easy to get to from London by Eurostar and you don’t need to plan any time for off-gassing.

We have planned this trip so the Christmas markets are already open and you can enjoy some seasonal shopping as well.

Trip Details
Days Diving3 Dives split over 2 days
Schedule12:00 Check-in at Nemo33
13:00 Dive 1
14:30 Lunch at Nemo33
17:00 Dive 2
Sunday 3rd December
10:00 Check-in at Nemo33
11:00 Dive 3
12:30 Lunch at Nemo33
Kit Requirements
Nemo only allow limited use of own kit in order to keep the water quality up. You can bring your own mask & snorkel and closed heel fins. No exposure suits which have been used in open water are allowed but as the water is a balmy

You have to have your dive computer with you

Travel & Accommodation
Brussels is easily reached from London by Eurostar in just 2 hours.

Travel is not included in this package and participants are responsible for booking their transport to Brussels. The easiest way is by Eurostar which takes you to Brussels in just 2 hours.

Please note you need to be at Nemo by 12:00 on the Saturday to check in so you need to plan your travel accordingly.

Accommodation will be organised by Nemo33 and one night stay on Saturday is included in the package.


For any questions please call us on 020 8995 0002 or email us on