Chepstow 28 July 2018

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The National Diving and Activity Centre at Chepstow offers a great array of things to do for a weekend from diving & getting comfortable in UK waters without the added challenge of boat diving to zip-lining and a giant 3G swing. The site also offers a lovely cafe for meals or between-dive-snacks.

Trip Details
Days Divingup to 5 dives over 2 days
ScheduleThe plan is to meet at 10:00am on Saturday morning and to get as much diving done as possible!
One of the UK's best inland site Chepstow offers a large variety of underwater attractions and depth levels to cater for Open Water all the way to technical divers. It is definitely worth exploring for a weekend.
Kit Requirements
No special equipment is needed for this trip
Travel & Accommodation
Transport to and from the dive sites is not provided by LSD. We will do our best to team up people if lift shares are available. Should there be a time when lifts are not available public transport may be the only option. Please be aware that compressed scuba cylinders are not allowed on public transport.
LSD will assist with a hire van to get dive kit to the dives sites. The van hire has been included in the trip price but fuel will be split evenly between all participants on the weekend.

The wooden wigwams on site at the NDAC offer a lovely glamping experience. The standard wigwams can sleep up to 5 people and have an outdoor picknick area & BBQ facilities for the evening.
The shower and toilet facilites are communal.


For any questions please call us on 020 8995 0002 or email us on