Club Calendar 2018

Club Calendar 2018

Whats happening at LSD?

So what tickles your fancy when it comes to Scuba Diving? Hopefully we have it covered with a huge program of club events for 2018 from social nights at a local pub in Chiswick to seminars at the centre covering all aspects of Scuba Diving.

Club members have exclusive access to ‘pool intro nights’ where you will be able to practise your buoyancy, try out new kit like Full Face Masks or try your hand at Technical Diving using twin-sets and side-mounts. We also have regular ‘Social Scuba Meets’ where we all meet at local dive sites for relaxing dive including night dives during the Summer months.

On the first Thursday of every other month the LSD club team and members meet at the Pilot Pub in Chiswick to partake in the downing of ales and tales. The Pilot has a fantastic food menu for those coming straight from work. With your LSD Club card you will get a 10% discount on all purchases made. These nights are great to meet new and existing club members and to chat about upcoming trips and events. Located 4 minutes walk from LSD the address is 56 Wellesley Rd, Chiswick, W4 4BZ. The only thing we are not responsible for is how your head feels on Friday morning!

The Club is all about meeting people and outside the monthly social nights we have some red hot dates in the calendar that include the big Summer BBQ and end of year Christmas blow out. This is YOUR club. We hope you enjoy it.

January 1118:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
January 1518:30Pool NightRescue SkillsLSD
January 2518:30Club TalkHistory of Scuba Diving 1LSD
February 118:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
February 718:00Club ExcursionDry DiveLondon Dive Chamber
February 2119:00Pool NightKit NightLSD
February 2410:30Club ExcursionHammond Dry SuitsHammond Dry Duits, Dartford
March 118:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
March 1011:00Club ExcursionLondon AquariumLondon Aquarium
March 1918:30Movie NightThe Big BlueLSD
March 2918:30Club TalkHistory of Scuba Diving 2LSD
April 518:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
April 1618:30Pool NightBuoyancy ClinicLSD
April 2110:00Club ExcursionWraysbury - Get Ready For the SeasonWraysbury
April 2418:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
May 318:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
May 5Club TripSelsey
May 818:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
May 1419:00Movie NightTBALSD
May 19/20Club TripPortland
May 2218:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
June 2/3Club TripSwanage
June 718:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
June 818:30Club TalkHistory of Scuba Diving 3LSD
June 1218:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
June 16Club TripEastbourne
June 2118:30Club TalkTBALSD
June 2618:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
June 30/July 31Club TripPorthkerris
July 518:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
July 1018:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
July 1619:00Movie NightTBALSD
July 2418:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
July 28/29Club TripChepstow
July 3018:30Club TalkHistory of Scuba Diving 4LSD
August 218:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
August 718:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
August 1213:00Club SocialClub Treasure HuntWraysbury
August 2118:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
August 18/19Club TripPlymouth
August 25/26Club TripPoole
September 418:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
September 618:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
September 8Club TripSelsey
September 810:00Club SocialCrayfish Catching & Club BBQWraysbury
September 1118:30Club ExcursionWraysbury Evening DiveWraysbury
September 1919:00Movie NightTBALSD
September 2418:30Club TalkHistory of Scuba Diving 5LSD
October 418:30Club SocialPub NightPilot Pub
October 6/7Club TripFarne Islands
October 1118:30Pool NightFull Face MasksLSD
October 2518:30Club TalkTBALSD
October 27/2810:00Club ExcursionDive Show BirminghamBirmingham
November 1TBAClub SocialHalloween PartyTBA
November 1218:30Pool NightNight DiveLSD
November 2119:00Movie NightTBALSD
November 2618:30Club TalkHistory of Scuba Diving 6LSD
December 1/2Club TripNemo 33
December 618:30Club SocialPub Night - Christmas PartyTBA
December 1719:00Movie NightTBALSD

If you would like to sign up to Club LSD, please use the payment method under Club Membership.
For any questions please call us on 020 8995 0002 or email us on